Little Jack Russell Man

by Jim

Jack Man

Jack Man

I just lost my 7 year old JRT I called Jack Man.

He died as a result from what your site refers to as the Napoleon complex.

He was a great little shorty, all muscle and tough as the governor of California used to be.

He would never leave my side day in or day out, and was as obedient as you could ever want a dog to be. All except for one particular night.

We had moved from a place in the country where Jack Man could run and roam to his heart's content. But we had to move because of my changing jobs and began renting a little house in a quiet neighborhood.

It's a small town and everyone who lived on our street let their dog run free. I was relieved because Jack Man was used to being loose, so I let him roam like the others.

Everything was fine for months and he had adjusted to urban life fine and had made friends with the people just down the street who also owned a large male Jack Russell named Digger, and a sweet little female named Bailey.

The three of them became inseparable.

The thing I was not aware of is that Bailey came into heat and was drawing every dog from miles around. I noticed Jack Man was staying gone for longer periods of time, but I had no idea. I just thought he was visiting with the neighbors.

One night he didn't come home at all. And this
was not like my little Jack Man. I searched and called for him most of that night. Finally I just prayed he'd make it home by morning.

Come morning the awful news came to my front door. A nice lady down the street said she thought my dog was laying very still down by the neighbor's hedge.

There wasn't a mark on his body. We think his neck was broken and death very quick.

It turns out, Jack Man had faced-off against a dog 4 times his size. Some of the neighbors had overheard the commotion and peeped out to see it was my dog and a Doberman going at it. Days later, the dog was pointed out to me...he WAS big.

Jack Man was like your typical full-blooded Jack Russell... he had no sense of his own size and wouldn't back down to anyone or anything. Like you said, the Napoleon complex.

Yep he had it. Gosh I miss him.

Before I go, I just want to say how much I enjoy your site. There's a couple of pictures here that resemble my Jack Man.

When I recover a bit more I'll be taking out an ad on your site asking for JRTs that are for sale or adoption. But I'm not ready just yet.

Thanks for the chance to express my feelings for little Jack Man, and thanks for the page on pet grave markers. I found just what I was needing to set on Jack Man's grave.

Rest in peace little guy.

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Oct 26, 2008
Very Saddened
by: Karen

One question, "Why would you let your little dog run free like that"??? Your story saddened me so much because I have 3 dogs, 2 of them being Jack Russell's, and I live on 14 acres of land and I would never just let them out the door to run free and "fend for themselves". Dogs are like your children, and when you take on the responsibility of them you should take is seriously. They rely on you to take care of them, they are not wild animals that should be let out to roam the streets. To me you were negligent, and are to blame for you dogs death. I have a huge fenced in yard for my dogs to run around in, (approx. 100 ft. by 80 ft.) try putting up a fence and maybe you won't lose your dog at such a young age. What a shame ! !

Jan 14, 2008
Got a Jack
by: Jim

Hi April,

Thank you for the offer but I did get a very cute Jack around Christmas that I seem to be falling in love with. He'll never be my Jack Man but it does feel good to have another little face looking at me again.

So thanks anyway.


Jan 14, 2008
jack russell pup
by: April

i am just wondering how long ago this was and if u were ready to get another jack russell. i have 2 puppies for sale 1 male and 1 female if u r interested

Oct 02, 2007
Thank you.
by: Jim

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the kind words expressed here for my little Jack Man.

It helps.


Oct 02, 2007
Long live Jack Man
by: Anonymous

Sounds like a brave little man. He was lucky to have such a good and loving mom.

Sep 20, 2007
Maybe in Time....
by: Margie

your heart will heal and you can love another JRT but as we all know it will not be Jack Man. But we also know it will HAVE to be a JRT to do the trick!! ha...Right?

Thank you for sharing your was very heartfelt and I am sorry for your loss but most JRTs dont get the freedom to roam all over because they dont behave as well! So, I'm sure he loved every minute he was able to chase the neighborhood squirrels, cats, rabbits and whatever else he could find to go after!

Take care and hang in there...


Aug 19, 2007
Same thing happened to my Ruckus
by: Joseph

I know all about it man. Ruckus under-estimated a dog much, much bigger than him. But the other dog was bleeding and there wasn't a mark on Ruckus. We figured his neck was broken too.

I'm still grieving and can't think of getting another Jack just yet.

I'm with you Jim.

Aug 17, 2007
Breaks my heart
by: Liz

Just so sorry to hear about Jack Man. I lost my JRT a few years back. I know where you're coming from.

Hang in there. It gets a little better as time goes on. My advice? Don't wait too long to get another Jack. They have a way of filling the void.

Hey I love this site too. Good Job!

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