Jack Russel

Leo the Jack Russell Terrier Finds a Home

by Tina S.
(Baltimore, MD USA)

Make a Wish on the Pumpkin

Make a Wish on the Pumpkin

I was leaving to go to work one morning and saw my neighbor sitting on his porch steps. He came over to ask to use my phone because he had locked himself out of his house and needed to call his girlfriend at work to come let him in. When he crossed the street I noticed he was followed by a cute little Jack Russell. I told him what a cute dog he had, while thinking how irresponsible it was to let the dog run around in the street. He told me it was not his dog and he was scared of dogs. I immediately called the dog over and was quite surprised when he actually came. I left him in my fenced yard with food and water while I went to work; I didn't have time to try to introduce him to my dogs.

When I returned from work I took him to the vet to see if he had a micro chip because he had no identification tags on him; he didn't. I tried flyers, adds in the paper everything - I could not find his owners. After a month of trying and the little fellow growing on me I decided what he and all my friends already knew, he had found a home.

He gets along very well with my other dogs; especially the Basenji mix who thinks he is her puppy. He has brought true love and happiness into my home. He has been neutered, received all of his vaccines, and has graduated from basic obedience school. Mr. Leo is now working on his intermediate level of obedience. He is a laugh a minute and a true charmer.

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Jan 27, 2009
by: Marc

What a fantastic story! I am sure Leo will be eternally grateful for bringing him into your lives.


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