leash problem

by ankita patel

my jrt is 6 week old and i want to know that how to make aware him with leash....and how can i give him a training for walking by leash

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Jul 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

i had a problem with my jack as you know they are very hyper dogs, and they love to run, so whenever it was time for a walk she would pull and try to run with me holding her. I stopped it when she got too strong. This is how I did it; when she would pull i would pull up on the leash and make her sit. Then we would start walking again and if she tried to go fast i'd make her sit again. It took 1 day for her to learn that's how smart they are. I also walked very slow so she knew she had to be beside me

Feb 09, 2011
A little training is all it takes!
by: ScooterMama

Hello Canada,
The first thing you want to do is put the collar on the puppy. Let poochie get use to the collar for a few days and then introduce the leash.
The best way is to let the puppy see the leash while in the house, like on the floor.
After a few days show puppy the leash and in a joyful tone, tell puppy that we are going for a walk. Put leash on and have small bits of treats available.
In the house stand in front of poochie and say come, when pup does, pull the leash a little bit, and give a bit of treat.
Repeat this only for 5 minutes, then take off just the leash. Do this same thing for a week or two and puppy will be ready to go outside.
Please remember to take off poochies collar at night and put back on in the morning. Some puppies get this hooked on their kennel boxes and hurts them.

Have a great day in Canada,

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