Laura and Cybil

by Laura

My jack (Cybil) always has sleep in eyes and it's started to happen more often? Is there a reason why or would you recommend a trip to the vets? Also she licks the top of her front paws when she goes to bed and now they look pink under her fur? She is very fit, healthy and happy little thing but she is my first dog so just wanted a bit of advice? Thanks laura and cybil.

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Aug 31, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

Your precious JRT is having an allergic reaction to being outside at this time of the year. We are having the same problem now in Belgium. Please go to:
and they will tell you how to treat this. AND it works. The VET will give you all kinds of steroid meds and it's not the best in small cases, and it's very, very expensive. This website deals with natural products you can use right out of your home or kitchen.
Let me know how it goes!
Good Luck and GOD bless all JRT's and their families!

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