by Samantha

Kisses is sleepy.

Kisses is sleepy.

This is my 8 month old Jack. This dog is my world. She is so energetic. When i take her out side she will literally run in cycles around you. She loves to dig! We have about 20 holes outside in our yard. She digs up every thing. She will dig up rocks and you will have to chase her around the yard to get them, i,m beginning to think she does it on purpose!Sometimes she will dig up worms and roll on them. she is absolutely crazy, but that's what gives her personality.She is 100% a people dog. she sleeps with me in my bed and cuddles with me, or some times she will sleep under the covers. She is Great.In my eyes the best dog ever.

P.s. in this picture she is actually wearing a diaper because she is in heat :)

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