by Karen

I have a jack Russell terrier cross but he's around 90% jrt... The problem that I have is that he's shedding a large amount of fur. Can I take him to the dog groomer and have his coat trimmed?

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Sep 12, 2010
by: Karen

Hi Stef,

Many thanks for your post... My JRT's name is Oscar and yes he is shedding huge amounts of hair, I keep finding big clumps all over the floor.

Ok, so trim his fur with hair clippers? I think it would be best as he has a bit of a nervous disposition when I take him anywhere in the car he shakes like a leaf.

I brush him with a slicker brush, is this the best type to use on him?

Many thanks

Sep 12, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

Hello Karen and JRT,
Your JRT mix is shedding it's summer coat. You can use the metal type comb and comb every other day or you can take a little pair of shears (shavers) and shave off a little of the top coat, then comb off. I find it's best to do it outside, but in the UK and here in Belgium it rains alot, so you might do it in your garage. The shaving helps, but the best thing is to just comb your JRT's hair every other day during the shed season.
The shedding will slow down in about a week or two. It's that time of the year!
I am here in Belgium and the Doggie Salon's are very expensive and sometimes abit stressful on our JRT's. I would opt for the combing.
Have a great day and those JRT mixes are very smart and pleasant poochies!!
stef, Belgium, JRT lover!

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