julie richardson

by julie
(durham england)

help my jack russell patch has started biting me for no reason

When we first got him a few months ago he was lovely but recently for no apparent reason he has started to bite and growl and he is very aggressive towards me and my older grandson
He is not like this at all with my husband or son but he was brought up originally with a gentleman and his 12 year old son before we re homed him
Am i doing something wrong i feed him walk him he greets me when i come home from work but sometimes if i just go to stroke him he will growl and turn around and go to bite me only last week he drew blood on the grandsons finger
I really love the dog but i cant have him doing this all the time I,m getting scared to go near him now
What should I do I,m prepared to try anything we don't have any obedience classes around here or dog trainers close by i would like to get the dog to trust me and work with him myself any advice greatly appreciated

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