JRT X Pee-ing in the house and now on the couch

Hi, we have 2.5 year old JRTX he has always been a fan of peeing in the house on my living room rug. We have removed the rug from the room.

He is left outside after feeding and will hold on until he gets in side. Tonight he peed on the couch in the living room.
I don't know what to do!!!
My husband thinks he's a tad crazy.
Any suggestions or reasons for his constant peeing inside would be great!
Also every time i try to leave the house he rolls on his back and pees on me if I'm quick and jump out of the way he'll only get my feet but usally he ends up spraying me with pee. He has also done this in the car.
his defiance is ridiculous its making it hard to go to work/kids at school each day.


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