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JRT Puppy is an Escape Artist

by Chris

I have a 3 yr old JRT, Jack. Recently I got a new puppy, 12 week old Jill. Jill is meant to be a companion to my companion, Jack.

We are in the housetraining puppy phase and to maintain clean carpets I pen Jill up in the kitchen, often with Jack. She does not like this. Every barrier I have put up she has managed to get under, over or around. I would be upset, but as tired as she makes me I am frankly impressed. I have a smart little girl on my hands.

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Jan 31, 2008
Jack and Jill
by: Anonymous

Hi Chris - my husband and I have a 3yr old JRT named Jack, and a 6mo old JRT named Jill. Jack was a rescue dog and we've easily been able to keep him in our tile floor kitchen with baby gates without him escaping. The minute I reach for the gate, he knows to go in there. But Jill is the escape artist. We stack the baby gates 2-high in the hallway in front of our kitchen. She's absolutely fearless. Jack and Jill - what a great pair they are!

Jan 13, 2008
Escape Artists
by: Steven


We too had a little escape artist in our Jack-mix puppy. Even though now he is full grown and better tempermented, less destructive, and an overall fantastic pet/companion, I had my doubts that he would ever come around.

As a puppy, our dog Chewy, would escape our kitchen area everytime we would leave the house. We thought that we could just leave him blockaded in the easiest room to clean (tile floor as opposed to carpet). Little did we know he was an olympic hurdler and high jumper! If we would leave the house we would take care to emplace the barriers only to return to little Chewy waiting by the door to greet us.

This baffled me how such a small dog could hop over what in essence was a 4' barrier between the island bar and baby gate that was erected. So, one day I barricaded him like we were leaving the house and then watched from a distance. That little puppy jump, climbed, and weasled his way over the barrier. I was amazed to see it firsthand. At this point, we decided to start using a crate to hold our little escape artist when we were away. For extended periods of time away, of course, we would have family watch over him.

Oct 02, 2007
Pictures, pictures!
by: Pics & Tics

Hey Chris, why don't you send us a pic of Jack & Jill?

And Lisa, yikes is right! $15,000 rug-- wow.


Oct 02, 2007
Play Pens
by: Lisa

I have a 13 week jack and he loves his play pen. I started out by keeping him in his crate for a few hours a day and then moving him into his pen for 5 or 6 hours a day. He loved the transition. I guess because he no longer felt cooped and was given more freedom. The only thing I can think of which I find works well for my Cliffton is if little Jill is being crate trained you could put her crate in the pen for the extra feel of security and a place to get away from Jack if she needs it. You could also try putting something heavy aroung the bottom of the play pen like coke cases so she can't crawl under. Good luck with Jill and I know what you mean by carpets my little Cliffton thought it would be okay to pee on my mother-in-laws 15,000.00 rug. Thank god I caught him mid pee! YIKES!

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