JRT Owner

by Rita



My JRT has always been a real sweetheart. Hard to train in the first couple of years but a very loyal companion.

Loves to sleep under the covers, doesn't matter where, or if anyone is with her. She can be stubborn in her own ways as anyone who ownes a JRT soon finds out.
I have never had any chewing problems with her, she loved a tied sock that she could pull on while playing with her. Loves the outdoors and will try and chase any squirrel on the property. She will also run at any bigger dog (no fear). She thinks she's a little dog in big skin as I say.
Very picky eater but loves her doggie treats (bacon strips) the only one's she will eat.
Very intelligent to the point where my father in law was hospitalized for 9 days. She acted like she was sick, would'nt eat,slept alot. When my father in law came home she was fine. We learned that she was pining for him. Who would guess!!
Had her since a pup and she is now going onto 7yrs. If I ever wanted another pet it would be a JRT. Smart,loyal,likes to be the boss with other pets that come into her territory, runs like crazy. Gains weight in the winter but come summer the backyard is her favorite place, she just runs. She loves eating ice cubes of all things. She's a sweetie.

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