JRT Just Bit My Daughter

Our JRT just bit our daughter's arm during an encounter with our cat. The cat pushed the door open and came into the room and the battle started. I was trying to get the cat, and my daughter was trying to get the dog. When she reached for his collar to pull him away, he bit her arm.

From reading about JRT, I know they have a hunting instinct, but not sure if I am comfortable with the bite. Or if any dog would have reacted this way.

He is a rescue dog and we are in week two of rescuing him. He has shown tons of progress except with our cats. He stopped peeing in the house, barks a lot less, is started to eat hard dog food and now walks beautifully on a leash.

Any suggestions, ideas or comments.

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Feb 02, 2009
Probably Got Confused...
by: Dlyncottn

In the midst of the commotion, your Jack probably got confused. It could have as easily been the cat that bit your daughter. I am no pro, but I've heard too many times about people jumping in to break up an animal fight only to have the animals turn on them. A friend of mine who raised pit bulls had this happen. Tragically, she wound up in the hospital and the dogs were put down. Were the cat and Jack raised together? Are they normally friends or enemies? If you answer "enemies", good luck to your cat. Jacks are naturally "CAT HATERS" unless they are raised with them. Mine has killed 5 cats due to the hunting instinct. He goes NUTS when he sees a cat.

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