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JRT aggressive with schnauzer puppy

by Helene

Nipper - 5 years old

Nipper - 5 years old

why is my % year old male jack russell aggressive with my brothers new schnauzer puppy and not other dogs? and how can I stop this?

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Feb 12, 2010
Maybe just showin dominance
by: Anonymous

Are you sure he's being aggressive? He's quite a bit older than the schnauzer, so he might just be showing that he's top dog. In most situations, this is healthy dog behavior to nip or growl a little to show the little dog who is in charge. Of course, if he hurts the schnauzer, then you need to separate them. It can take a few months for two dogs to get used to each other. I thought my dog two dogs were going to kill each other at first, but when they sorted out their individual niches, they were fine. Now they sleep together on the same bed and keep each other warm.

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