JRT about 12 weeks old. Bites, growls and does not listen!

by Lisbeth

Hi, I got this puppy for 3-5 weeks ago and recently he has started to growl and bite.

When we are out walking and if we are returning home(or even in the middle of the walk), he starts to run and attempts to bite my shoes and pants(as he's growling/barking at me!). He also does this when we are at home. I know that he's teething and wants to bite everything, but its getting out of control. I say a stern NO, but he continues to bite and growl. Also he doesn't listen when I call him. Ive tried with a high voice, whistle for him, everything to take his attencion but he doesn't react!

Also I walk him several times a day for about 30-45 min everytime he has to go out and to what he has to do. I throw sticks that he can run and get, I pick up leafs he can try to get.
I thought that the longer hes out the calmer he should be, but it seems that its not working.

I really hope someone can help me! I want to get rid of these things before he starts to get more older or even more aggressive.

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Apr 11, 2010
by: lisbeth

omg! I didnt know throwing stick can be harmfull!
And thank you for the information!!

Apr 10, 2010
ask here.
by: Anonymous

This is a brilliant forum, with many knowledgeable JRT owners also there is a behavourist on the forum that will answer questions and give advise, you are not alone this behavour is normal for puppies and can be sorted.please don't throw sticks as they can be pushed into the roof of the mouth or throat when your dog is running with them if he catches the stick on the ground or any other obstacle.very serious injuries have happened this way.Good Luck.



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