Jessi's second chance!

by Alisa C



I rescued this amazing little dude from the pound. They were going to put him down. He was picked up as a stray in the US and through a Canadian Dog Rescue Agency I found him and adopted him 3 weeks ago. He is the most loving, funny, joyful dog and weighs 10 pds. He walks with me in trails side by side like a little human and runs sideways! He tested me a few times the first 3 days I got him. I had to correct him only once each time. He was full of fear - could not pet him on the head at all -so skiddish. I was told he did not like males and was a nipper/biter. So the first thing I did was introduced him to my nephew on day one. Made him meet all members of my extended family and by the second day he let me pet him. Now it is like he was mine since being a puppy. He is affectionate, caring, loyal and courageous! And ever entertaining! I have been able to rectify all his nipping and biting habits by firm, simple corrections. He has become a normal, loving addition and likes males. Believe it or not, is also incredibly patient. This morning my accountant came to my home for the first time, Jessi lay beside me for 2 hours without barking or asking for attention. And it was the funniest thing, he growled only at the very end, while wagging his tale and sprawled out with his stomach flat on the floor!

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