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Jennifer Hart

by Jennifer Hart
(Louisville, KY)

I have 2 jack russells. Our female(Roxy)is 6 yrs. old and we got another male (Charlie)who is now 1 yr. old. It took them awhile to begin getting along as Roxy did not like Charlie at all when we first got him. He LOVES her and will do anything to get her attention including nipping at, head-butting and chasing after her. She just growls at him and tries to get and stay away. About once a day, she will begin licking and cleaning his ears! She will do it for about 2-3 minutes for each ear! He just sits so quietly and obviously loves for her to do this! When she stops, he tries to get her to do it more!

I am just wondering what this might mean. Is this just a "motherly" instinct or some other type of affection? Any other time she really does not want much to do with him although they get along fine. What do you make of this? Thank you!

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Feb 08, 2008
Roxy and Charlie
by: Jennifer Hart

I'm not sure how my comment got listed twice but Roxy is the long-legged with short hair and pink collar and Charlie is short-legged with long hair and is shown laying on his Spongebob blanket! Thank you for your comments!

Feb 08, 2008
Which is which?
by: Pics & Tics

Jennifer which is Charlie? In any case both dogs are gorgeous!


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