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by Jeanie White
(Mt. View, MO)

My JR sheds hair BAD. What can I do to stop this problem???

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Jan 22, 2011
by: ScooterMama

Your JRT is going to shed and if it is an indoor JRT, it probably doesn't have much of a winter coat, so they shed more.
I would first give the dog a bath. While JRT is in bath I would run a comb/dog brush over the coat until you don't see too much hair coming off. Rinse well and wash again. Doing the comb/brush again.

After bath dry your JRT well (not with blow dryer) unless your dog has been previously exposed to it. It dries their skin out more than just a towel dry.

After pooch is dry, comb/brush again. Brush or comb everyday ONCE and this should alleviate the problem. I would only bath your poochie every 45 days, as the JRT's coat stays pretty clean.

Let me know if this helps. There are products that claim to remove more hair, but after over 30 years and trying many of them, I can tell you the above remedy works as well, if not better!

The best to you and poochie.
Stef, Belgium, JRT TEXAN LOVER!

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