Jayne Price

Hi all,

We have two adorable Jack Russells one rough coat medium legged Daisy and one short legged smooth coat Tilly, they get on great play together and sleep together mostly under the bed covers between my legs, they need to be touching you. When my rough haired JT Daisy just had her first season she developed a small lump size of a small pea on her chest, we took her to the vets who advised us to have a neutered and lump to be removed as soon as possible just in case it was cancerous and to prolong her life which we did. The reason for my question is now that the cold weather is here it has only been recently and only now and again not all the time she do not like anyone touching her chest you stoke her and she jumps back as if she has just been pinched and just moves away.
Anybody know why this is happening?


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