jacks with cats?

Our family is planning to adopt a jack Russell puppy about 10 weeks old. The rescue family is concerned about my 5 yr. old cat that has lived with a 9month old blue noised pit and a 2 yr.old lab and a 5 yr.old rot .

Sammy (my cat) does not live with them now because he was given to after my best friend past away last year.
He is very playful and like dogs. can you help with the answer to this?
I believe because he/she is a puppy growing up with sammy they will learn to love each other. If course when we are not at home he will be in a crate.
thank you for your time.
liana neumeyer
grgoddess@live.com is my email address

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Apr 12, 2011
Cats and Dogs
by: Anonymous

We had two cats and a Jack Russell.

The cats were DEFINITELY in CHARGE, top of the pecking order. One of the cats would from time to time just swipe her claws across the dog's nose, usually when he was asleep, just to let him know that no mere dog was going to be the boss.

The dog never chased the cat and seemed to accept the fact that she was going to give him a clout now and then, so he stayed out of her way.

Dec 14, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

No, this will not present a problem, but you must introduce the cat to the puppy. They will get along just fine!

Sounds like that JRT will be very happy with your new family and friends.

Stef, Be, Texan JRT LOVER!

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