Jacks In Heat

by Kylie Pill
(Londonderry, UK)

I have 2 Jack Russell pups, one boy and one girl, she is 3 months old and he is 5 months. Can you please tell me when she will start going into heat? I don't want her to have a litter too young, but I heard it is healthy to let bitches have one litter. My pups are everything to me I wouldn't change them for the world. I have no experience in helping deliver puppies and i wouldn't want to put her at risk by letting her have them then struggling to give birth. When would you say, on average, would she start going into heat? Hope you can help.

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Jan 11, 2009
JRT in Heat
by: sharon

Hi, I also have two JRT's. My bitch didn't come into heat until nine months. I also have a male and it drove him mad. He lost so much weight so I would recommend separating them. My bitch wasn't grumpy. Good Luck!

Jan 06, 2009
About my female Jack Russell
by: Stefanie


My JRT, Penny, went into heat at 5 months. I thought it was kinda early but smaller dogs do have their first heat earlier than bigger dogs. If you are sure you want your dog to have a litter than you should wait till about 2 years old. However, from what I've heard, it's not necessarily beneficial for a bitch to have any litters at all. Actually, with eat heat, the dog increases her change of mammary cancer by HUGE percentages. Not to mention ovarian and uterus problems. You should talk to your vet about this. (e.g. 2 heats increases the chance of breast cancer to something like 28 percent!!!)

There is some controversy over whether your dog should have one heat or no heat at all. I wanted to spay Penny before her first heat but she started showing signs of menses a few days before her appointment. And, I just found out that she is in heat again because the doctor only did a partial hysterectomy or possibly even just a tubal ligation. It's more complicated than I thought. She might need a second surgery.

Also, bitches in heat are not very fun to be around (her breath literally smells fishy from cleaning herself) and she is really snappy towards myself, my husband and our male dog. However, she is also very affectionate when she wants to be. She is always laying down on my lap our trying to get into our room to sleep with us. One downside.....she has been mounting out pillows constantly. I have lots of pillowcases to wash. :)

I hope this helps. Just keep watching for signs of her being in heat..like licking her vagina, mounting pillows and stuffed animals, etc. etc.

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