Jacks born without tails

by Stella

Should I have cause for not buying a jack who was born without a tail. The litter I am choosing from had two of the dogs born without tails and all of the dogs seemed to be a little furrier than most jacks. The mother looked like a standard jack. the father also did except he too seemed a bit furry for a jack. not broken coat, just kind of furry.

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May 25, 2011
No Tail
by: Anonymous

Hello my name is Anna, and three years ago my husband bought me a puupy for my birthday. We got Rocky from a Jack Russell breeder and she had two bitches with two litters of 12 pups. One litter was tan and white and the other litter was black and tan and tan and white. But both bitches looked exactly alike except one difference: One had no tail, her tail was like 1/2 to 1 inch tall. The owner said she was born that way and out of her 12 pups 2 were born with no tails. We took Rocky home at 7 weeks old with no tail. We recently bred him for the first time with our full bred "Toy Rat Terrier", she had 3 pups and one of the pups was born without a tail just like the dad, her tail is super short it looks like a puff of hair when she wags her tail. It appears to be a very strong gene, because not only was one born with no tail all three pups are black and tan when the mom is tri-colored. Thanks for letting me share.

Jul 24, 2010
JRT born without tails!!
by: Denise

Two days ago, my JRT Sadie gave birth to eight puppies (adorable I might add!!) We have 4 boys and 4 girls. Two boys were born with NO tail, not even a nub! One boy and one girl have a short tail, like they were docked during inception AND one girl has half a tail. The remaining three have a normal length tail, that we will have docked.
First let me say, there is absolutely NO sign that Sadie may have chewed them off as they are a totally finished, furry end.
I have read so many articles that say that JRT's are always born with tails!?! And that those that have no tails at all are a clumsy docking gone very bad. This makes me feel bad. Are people going to think that of my puppies?????
There was one article on the internet that I read that said some males used for stud will throw out puppies with no tails. That would fit our neighbors little male, Putt Putt!
Anybody else experience this?

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