by Laura Catterall

My Handsome Boy Jacko

My Handsome Boy Jacko

My Jack Russell is called Jack! (aka-Jacko, Jackaroo, Ratroo) He is 8 years old and is the best friend I have ever had. He has a rough coat and on one eye the outer rim is pink.

He has such a personality and I sometimes forget that He is actually a Dog. He loves hiding his treats in his basket or anywhere else around the house - I think he pretends to bury it even when there is no mud to bury it under.

He loves going out for long walks and would skip about all day, when up the fields walking him in the long grass he hops about like a deer or a lamb which is very comical to watch, He loves everyone he meets and they love him too.

He truly is beautiful. He comes to me when I am upset and nudges me with his nose to cheer me up, he gets on with all other animal and is a proper handsome gentleman.

I will love him forever!

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