Jack the Jack Russell Terrier

by Elias Valle

Jack the Jack Russell Terrier

Jack the Jack Russell Terrier

My little pup arrived home 2 months ago and as a friend told me, this pup will become in the home happiness and she was right. My mom loves more literally the pup than me jajajaja. The point is when I came home from my job, I asked my mom about the behavior of Jack (Jack is the name of my Jack Russel Terrier) and she said. "When I was Feeding Jack at morning, I was wearing old and baggy pants he bit it with strength and pulled down, When I realized, I bent down and looked to see if there neighbors close, Quickly got my pants and I yelled - Jack what is wrong with you... and of course I laughed out loud " .

I was laughing for 3 hours. Thats my story, actually my mom´s story, I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks .

Elias from Mexico.

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