Jack The Jack Russell From Alabama

by Traci Harrison
(Butler,AL Unted States)

My Roll Tide Jack Russell

My Roll Tide Jack Russell

Jack is a fun loving dog who is always wanting to play. He was born on July 4th 2008. He's been with me since he was 6 weeks old. And truly turned into my baby. He has a love of wanting to play tug-of-war with his ropes & play fetch. Hes also our baby, who will also lounge around the house with the family. He is great with kids, (i have 13 neices & nephews ranging from ages 1-17).He loves to snuggle. He also grunts ALOT. I've never seen another dog that grunts as much as he does. He was named after his dad, whose name is Jackson. He's been a wonderful addition to the family, now we're considering getting another Jack Russell so he would have a playmate. We live in a neighborhood, so theres another jack russell up the street, and they play together all the time. I hoped you have enjoyed learning about my wonderful dog Jack.

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