Jack Russell with Dog Dry Skin

by Cristina and our Vet's Recommendations for treating dog dry skin

Jack Russell with Dog Dry Skin Problem

Jack Russell with Dog Dry Skin Problem

Reader Question: Why does my Jack Russell Terrier have dog dry skin?

I recently noticed that my Jack Russell has started to suffer from dog dry skin. Do you have any advice in terms of home treatments that could address the issue. Could there be any major health concerns to worry about?

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Hi Cristina,

Dog Dry skin can be nothing more than a cosmetic issue, or it may be a sign of an underlying health problem. If your dog has any other symptoms (e.g., itching, red skin, a bad odor, lethargy or loss of appetite), make an appointment with your veterinarian. He or she can perform a physical exam, run any necessary tests, and give you a diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan.

If, however, you are fairly certain that your dog is otherwise healthy, you can first try a few things at home. Oral supplements that contain omega 3 fatty acids (e.g., fish or flax seed oil) can be very helpful. Topical products like Dermoscent are also a good option for treating dry skin.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Mar 02, 2012
Dry Jack Russell Terrier Dog Skin
by: Eva Haberlova

SIMPLE you use virgin olive oil massage on hair for your Jack Russell Terrier. Also go to the Veterinarian and get a shampoo for dry skin. I did for my JRT and now she is healthy after using virgin olive oil.

Keep bathing your Jack Russell Terrier every 2 weeks to keep her clean. Also keep the dog's bed clean.

It's important take care of your baby JRT. Some skin problems are caused by a poor diet.

Also buy a high quality dog food. The best for skin is Hill's Science Diet.

Good luck to you and your JRT.



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