Jack Russell with a Full Body Shake and Panting

by Jane Jack
(Soco Maine 04072)

she has momment of shaking and panting she is eight years old, why?

Vet Suggestion for Full Body Shake and Panting

Hello Jane,

I’m afraid that I can’t determine what might have been going on with your dog without more information and the results of a physical exam at the very least, but potential causes include pain, anxiety, or a neuromuscular condition. If this was a one time event that never returns and your dog seems normal in all other ways, you probably have nothing to worry about. However, if you’ve seen symptoms like these more than once, a trip to the veterinarian would certainly be in your dog’s best interest.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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Jun 11, 2014
Vet says shaking during sleep normal
by: Anonymous

Is it really? My Jack sleeps right next to me at night and he loves to sleep upside down a lot ,but he shakes.

Another thing lately(he just turned one year)and is getting fixed on 6-18 ,is that he growls in his sleep although doesn't bite.My vet said Normal.Is it?He's just been checked and is in great health.he is however a rescue that was abandoned or ran away from owners who may not have had the patience to spend every waking moment with Duke.He was going to be sent to the pound,no one wanted him so we have him a very loving home,were both semi retired with a big yard.

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