Jack Russell Roof Jumping

by Sierra Hunter

Does your JRT like to jump? Mine loves it! She is always looking for new things to jump-off. Boy, is it hard to keep her from finding something!

One day we had a "family"(including the JRT'S) cook-out with a pool and everything! We had our deck against the house right?

Well, she some how had gotten on top of it and went on the house...then when she got up really high,(no one had seen her do this until we heard a huge splash!) she ran and jumped into the pool from the house!

She about killed her self! I was so scared I thought she was gonna get sick but she wanted to do it again.

I was just amazed about that but she loved it!

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Dec 15, 2007
Roof Jumping
by: Deb

Oh my goodness! Mine tries to jump from one piece of furniture to another....hope she stays with that. That would scare me to death
Good Luck Deb

Nov 11, 2007
Good Grief!
by: Pics & Tics

Sierra you have got to send us a picture of this dog!

That sounds just like a Jack! They live in their own little world and do whatever comes into their little roguish minds!

Thanks for a really great story Sierra.


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