Jack Russell Biting Me

by Crystal


I have a 3yr old jack and he usually is very good and listens but lately he has been very territorial when it comes to us eating dinner or a snack.

He will not listen for anything and I have tried to pick him up and put him in the other room and he has bitten me a couple of times.

How do I punish him with out hurting him, and for him to know that this is wrong??

Please help- people tell me to get rid of him. But I want to desperately fix this issue. Please help. Thank you

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Apr 26, 2008
Change Her Idea About Food
by: Anonymous

I know your post was about your food, but maybe this will help too.

I read somewhere that hand feeding the dog all their meals can help stop their territorial feelings about food in general. The idea is that food is a treat, something special, and they need to work for it. Also, he should know that the food comes from you, when you want to feed him and how. Along with that idea, it's not a good idea to let a dog free feed (for the territorial reasons and also because they can get fat and stop appreciating food).

I hand fed my dog a lot when she was a puppy. She would need to sit or lay down or do some kind of simple command so that she was "working" for her food. Also, when I wasn't hand feeding her, I would take her bowl away a few times during the meal and add something yummy (like a little piece of chicken or beef) and put the bowl back so she learned that it was OK to have her bowl approached. This seemed to work well for us.

Dec 04, 2007
Jack Russell biting
by: Mila

Try putting him in another room BEFORE you have meals or snacks. Also, if you keep a leash on his harness, only when you are in the house, you can grab the leash, not him.

Dec 04, 2007
by: Anonymous

When I punish my jack I use a spray bottle with water, but it only works because he doesn't like to be wet.

Dec 03, 2007
by: Pics & Tics

Please Crystal, don't get rid of this dog. He just needs a firm hand to get him back into shape.

First, did you feed him from your plate before he started acting this way? If so, and if you haven't stopped, stop now.

Second, don't allow him to stare at you while you're eating or even be attentive at all during your eating time. The instant he looks toward you nudge the side of his neck away from you, not meanly or real hard, but sudden and firmly. Make a sound that will signal disapproval. Be calm but authoritative. If he bites you during this process, turn him on his side and hold him around the neck down to the floor keeping his mouth incapable of biting you again.

Do NOT do this viciously. Remain calm but domineering. This is what other dogs do to each other when the pecking order is being maintained.

Let him squirm until he tires and until he realizes you are not joking. Repeat this process as many times as needed during your eating time, until he learns a new behavior which is obeying your wishes.

Afterward, when eating is done, and if he has performed the needed task, then reward him with affection and maybe a biscuit.. only after you have put all signs of your dinner away. This will teach him after a few times, that his snack comes afterward, and he'll know to wait for it.

What has happened is that he has discovered that he can dominate you. When he realizes he can't, he will be the dog you know and love.

I hope this helps.


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