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(Muskegon, Michigan)

My husband bought my jack Russell when she was 4 weeks old. She was so tiny and cute. However, I herd that if they are taken from their mothers before 6 weeks, then they will have behavior problems. Is this true? It seems to be apparent with our female. When we began pottying her, it was late fall. She was so tiny, that she wouldn't go outside. She would stand between your legs and do nothing. As she got older, the behavior got worse, she wouldn't pee outside. We put her in her cage at night, or when we went to work, but she would become frustrated and go to the bathroom inside her cage, and destroy her pee pads. Taking her for walks was awful. She wouldn't walk a straight line, but rather wanting to run out in traffic, or into peoples yards. She's gotten off her leash several times, chewed up our furniture in our old house, and peed and pooped all over the carpet. In our new house, she has destroyed our couch, pees on it when shes in heat, won't go to the bathroom outside, but waits to come in, and then pees and poops on the living room hard wood floors. We play with her, and discipline her, but it seems like not enough. What else can we do? She won't sit through doggy obedient classes, her attention span is short.

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Jan 20, 2011
Time and Patience will prevail ...
by: ScooterMama

The info. from the last writer in York, England was spot on. I would also like to add the following: Please consider getting a WizDog. I have one here in Belgium and it has truly made a difference in my life and my Ginger's (JRT).
You can google them at: www.wizdog.com for the info. They ship direct to you in the good 'ole US of A.
We have days here in Belgium that we can't get outside or my Ginger doesn't want to because it's raining non-stop cats and dogs.

With the problems you are having with your girl, I know this will help. It can take from hours to a few days to train them on this. It has two large flat pieces. One is a tray with a lip on it and you place the newspaper on top of it. Then you place a plastic grate (comfort edge) on the top. My Ginger took just a few days and she was an adult dog to get the hang of it. Your dog will stop the messes all over the house and have less anxiety too.

The outings in a group with other small dogs, to start, is a very good idea. She needs socialized and this will help tremendously.
I would also suggest getting her spayed. This will help the situation as well (usally a lot)!
Please hang in there, as I know this is such a difficult time.
If none of this works I would start kennelbox re-training immediately!
The best to you and poochie,
Stef, Belgium, from Texas!

Jan 19, 2011
Love your dog
by: Susanne York England

I do feel for you. This sounds very similar to our lovely now, JR. If you are frustrated, the dog feels the same. They need plenty of stimulation and excercise, never put in a cage for more than 1/2 hour. Stay outside with them till they now what they should do. Our JR was expelled from two dog training classes, but it was because she just wanted to play with the other dogs. So they need to play with other dogs. I have formed a dog walking group, so she can socialize with other dogs. Whilst you are in a state with the dog, she will pick up on this, and be all the more disobedient. It does take time, but give her love, time, and your patience, keep calm, spend time training her, dont get cross with her, give her treats when she is good, and she will become a very loving faithfull friend. I know I have gone through everything you have, and we have a most wonderful, lovong dog now.

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