Jack Russell Anxiety

by Cheryl
(Gobler, Mo)

He got in some barb wire about a month ago and had to have 20 some odd stitches.. those have healed really good. I blamed it on that at first.

His doctor said it irritated his muscle and until the swelling went down he didn't have much control.

Well, I think the swelling has gone down.. at the same time we got him neutered so it would hopefully help him to quit marking his territory as we have 2 other dogs.. in the house. when he pees this stream, he pees 5 feet of pee. or more..

I'm not sure what happened at the time he did it, all I know is my hubby said come here and look at this.. so I always get clean up duty.

My hubby has cancer and gets irritated easily so he was probably hollering at Jack for something... poor baby for both..

Do I need to give Jack a "nerve" pill for a little while.. I have to give him something when we travel long distance cause he pants uncontrollably.. and shakes.. but he loves to go....

Thanks for any help you can give us...Ms Cheryl

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Dec 03, 2007
Stitches & Britches
by: Pics & Tics

Hi Cheryl,

I think you should first get a vet to look at how well Jack Jack healed from the surgeries. Peeing 5 feet is incredible! It could be a nervous disorder, but I tend to think it might be physical.

Please get him checked out before getting rid of him because it might very well be something that can be fixed.

I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's illness and I know things must be so hard right now. I hope Jack Jack won't continue to be an extra hardship and your vet can repair the problem before taking drastic means. There's not a more comforting animal to have around than a Jack. So please get him checked soon and let us know how it turns out, yeah?

Best of luck,

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