Jack Russell and shaking.

by Deborah Wells
(Little Falls, NY)

Just wanted to share some info on my Jack Russell who has been shaky for years. I took my 6yr JRT to vet regarding the shaking...could not find any answers until just recently and believe me I looked at every website and vet site I could find. I had looked everywhere to see why my dog was shaking so much...a lot of people said that their jacks did the same thing and that it was just something they did. Well my dog Joey has just been diagnosed with Hypoparathryoidism. His calcium levels were extremely low (5.5)...If there are other out there who's JR shakes I would tell them to check calcium levels and have a thyroid test done. I wish I knew about this years ago. The shaking is one of the symptoms and all terrier breeds are listed in the category of breeds being noted for this disease. My dog "Joey" is hanging in there. He is on Calcitrol and calcium supplement...hopefully he will be able to get back to a normal life. I love my JR so much and think they are such a great breed...they are very loving and loyal...sometimes have a mind of their own but for the most part they bring great joy and fun times.

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