Jack Russeell first season

by Joan Garrett

I have a jack russell cross. She was a rescue dog and the vet thought she's about 6 months when I got her. This makes her about 8 months now, but she hasn't had a season. What is the usual age for the first season?

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Jan 22, 2011
by: ScooterMama

This can be a tricky question because, just like the human female populus, they can come into season (heat) at different times. What exactly governs that is not clear. Could be the breed, size etc...

For JRT/mixes I have witnessed the following:
First heat, 9-14 months, Second heat can move forward or backwards and so on.

If you are not going to breed her, than having her fixed before her first heat is very wise. She will be happier and healthier(live longer).

Hope this helps!
Stef, Belgium, TEXAN JRT/MIX LOVER!!

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