Jack RT/Lab mix Sparky

by Lourdes

Sparky and our daughter his favorite toy!

Sparky and our daughter his favorite toy!

He is the sparkle in this house. My 2 girls love him. He is very clumsy and loves nipping, but he is also very smart and have learn a lot of commands in first 4 weeks of training. He loves to dig holes in our backyard and he loves jumping. His energy is uncontrollable for him self. He will go back and forth around the first floor of the house all they long. His toys wont last more than 2 weeks. he loves to play pulling the ropes with us and he loves to be chased around! He will cry(wining) every time any of my girls cry. And everytime we are going out with out him he will stay home with a very sad face. Sparky was adopted when he was 8 weeks and back then he weight 7 lb. He is almost 6 months now and weight about 25 lbs.He is a bit bigger than a JR but not was big as a Lab.

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