Jack Jack! You will always be in our hearts.

by Bullet H.
(Phoenix, AZ)

Jeff and Jack on Lucas's birthday

Jeff and Jack on Lucas's birthday

Jack was a very special JRT. He loved to chase anything he got a whiff of it would take us hours to find him. He was my friend Jeff's dog. His best friend was Lucas. There was this one time when it was lucas's birthday and we put little party hats on for them. They looked so adorable. Jeff loved Jack. He was his son. But on March 17 2008, Jeff's house caught on fire and Jack was inside. A few days later Jeff found Jack in the remains. He broke down crying. Lucas is still upset by it cause it was his best friend. We are all still upset by it. But we have to move on. It doesn't mean he will be forgotten. We still talk about him and remember all the good times. Jack we love you and you will always be in our hearts!

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