Jack Having Problem Jumping

by Alan Fitzpatrick

Reader Question: What Is Causing My Jack Russell To Have A Hard Time Jumping?

I have a female JRT, approx. 7 months old. She is spiritedly fit and healthy but last week we brought her to local vet for monthly check and nail clipping. Next day I noticed my dog is finding it hard to get up from lying down position but is able to still walk and run on lead. She also has trouble jumping now. But is not tender on back legs and not flinching or seem to be in pain.

Veterinarian Suggestions For Treating A Jack That Has Problems Jumping


Did your dog receive any vaccines or other injections when she was seen by the veterinarian? If she did, it is perfectly normal for her to be a little sore or stiff. Another possibility is that if she wiggled hard when the folks at the veterinary clinic were trying to trim her nails, she may have simply strained a muscle.

If she returns to normal over the next week or so, I don’t think you have anything to be concerned about. I would bring it to your veterinarian’s attention at the time of her next checkup or nail trim, however. They may be able to approach her care in a different way. If she doesn't get better on her own, call your veterinarian with an update.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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