Is it common for a jack russells coat color to change?

by Margo Nova
(Portland, OR)

My puppy, 9 weeks, had a solid white body until 2 weeks ago. Now tiny black spots have developed, she looks like she has freckles on her white body... There were just a few at first, just pepper grains. Now she has about 50, and they are getting more obvious, the size of peas. I thought she was going to be all white!??

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Jul 26, 2008
Black Spots Are Normal
by: Anonymous

I first got my male Jack Russell and his coat was all white. Now that he's getting older, he is getting black spots all over him. It's perfectly normal with age. Best dog in the world!

May 26, 2008
Color Change
by: Laurie Ann Powell

This is common for the coat of Jacks to change as they get older. I have a female Jack that just turned one, and it happened to her, as well. When I got her at 4 months old, her body was all white, with black and tan color over her left eye. As she got older, she developed three small black spots on her back, and many freckles underneath, on her belly. She is a smooth coat, but as her hair got a bit longer on her back, you can hardly see the spots now. So this is a common occurrence.

Good Luck with your pet.

Laurie Ann Powell

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