Jack Russel

Is He Playing By Himself

by Karen

I have a 1yr JRT. He sometimes gets in the middle of the floor and gets on his back and swiggles around like he's scratching himself. It's cute but I'm just curious to what he might be doing. Is he playing by himself? Or is he really trying a scratch an itch he can't reach?

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May 29, 2010
playing by himself?
by: china's mom

He's just happy!!!!Let him go!!

Aug 07, 2009
Yep I believe it's true when they roll over
by: Jeannie

I guess you've had several answers. I see it's been awhile. Still I thought I would respond. I, too, have 2 Jack Russels. I is a Jack and Beagle mix. The other it full blooded Jack. They too roll over on their back like they are scratching. I think they just enjoy doing that...lol. They do look really happy while they're doing that.. lol

Mar 14, 2009
by: Charlie

Oh he is just so happy! I ahve 2 Jack Russells, one bitch and one dog. The dog gets his toys and throws them all over the place and then goes and lies on them and rolls all over them. He is so happy.
I am sure it is just happiness and not anything wrong with hi skin

Jan 18, 2009
Submissive Play
by: Anonymous

Don?t worry. As long as there is no sign of skin irritation (flaking, scaling or redness) then this sounds like nice submissive behaviour. It?s his way of saying I?m happy and comfortable being here, so comfortable that I can roll around like a loon!

Aug 26, 2008
Just Playing
by: Wendy

My JRT is almost 3, and he does the same thing on our bed all the time. My boyfriend likes to joke and call him piggy when he does it because he also snorts like a pig. =)

Feb 29, 2008
Just playing!
by: Jennifer

He sounds so cute! I think he is just playing. Our male JRT does the same thing with his toys, bones and/or blanket! He runs around with it in his mouth tossing and flipping it everywhere then he throws it in the floor and rolls around all over it. He is just so happy in his own little world when he does this!

Feb 28, 2008
He Has Itchy Skin
by: Doreen

My terriers did this and I added salmon oil to their food - also don't bathe him more than every two weeks.

Is he alergic to any food? Sometimes changing to a kibble that is sweet potato and venison or something like that will do the trick.

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