In Memory of Amazing Jake

by Carrie Robinson
(Naples, FL)

Jake the

Jake the

My heart has been torn in half by the loss of our 17 year old Parson Jack Russell Rough Coat, Jake. He was the most loving and loyal dog anyone could imagine. He loved other animals including cats and birds. Perhaps it was because he was raised with cougars, yes, real cougars. He loved people too and everyone loved him.

Jake come to us at about 8 1/2 years old. We found out that the first year of his life was in a crate and he was abused. He spent the next couple of years bouncing around from family to family. He settled in with a friend of mine who raised cougars but when she had to move to small house, she needed to find a home for Jakey. That was the start of the most wonderful pet relationship I have ever had. Jake and I fell in love the at the sight of each other. He loved everyone in our family and was fiercely loyal. He was active yet calm and loved to play ball and run and jump. He slept by me every night and stayed by my side all day in my home office. We affectionately called him Little Man and Pumpkin.

During the last year, we could see he was aging and could not hear or see well but we helped guide him. We were gentle with him as he aged and carried him if he was tired. He was still perky for an old man, eating well and enjoying his treats and taking walks.

Jake took ill and died suddenly on March 7, 2015. He did not suffer long but we certainly were not ready for him to leave. We are devastated by our loss. We mourn his passing because he was such big part of our family. Jake came into our lives for a special reason. He gave us so much love and kindness. We made sure his life was comfortable and happy because he was so special. May Jake RIP and we look forward to being with him again one day.

Editor Note: Thank you for sharing Jake's story. He was a very special Jack that bought Joy into your home and gave your family all that he had.

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