Jack Russel

I'm Chase and I'm Here to Show Off For You!

by Laurie Ann Powell
(Yulee, FL USA)

Handsome Chase

Handsome Chase

For being the runt of the litter, I sure turned out to be the leader of my family pack. They think they are the alpha males in the house, but boy do I have them fooled. I let them love me, teach me new tricks, and treat me to all that great food, which I deserve, because it is hard work taking naps and playing with all my toys. But really, I do appreciate my owners who bought me from their friends. Their Jack had 3 puppies, and as I mentioned, I was the runt. What got me adopted was that I remained in the ladies arms and didn't try to squiggle out. She knew then that she could pick me up and love me, and be able to teach me all of the terrific tricks that I perform. I can sneeze, ride a skate board, push a ball all around our property, play dead when they play shoot me, and I can do all of the basic tricks and commands that most dogs do. I'm just lucky to be a JRT, because this family just loves this breed. That is what got me adopted into my family. Hope you enjoy viewing the handsome picture of me. (I'm not too conceited 'am I. No way, I'm just a very proud and happy Jack.)

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May 13, 2008
How Neat!!!!
by: Charlene & Mike' (Mee-kah)

Those are some neat tricks for a dog to be able to do!!!!!! Especially the one where Chase plays dead whenever he is pretend shot.

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