I have a 9 yr old med sized jack russell terrier see bellow

by Dan

I have a wonderful dog whom I rescued from a rescue center about 5 yrs ago but recently I myself and friends have noticed he is limping in his back hind left leg but he is really scared of the vets and I really don't want to take him to them until really necessary but I have tried now and again using anti-inflammatory gel on him to ease suspected swelling he has and it seems to help him is it safe to use on him if not is there anything I can get to avoid vets as uk vets charge some of the highest fees for medication and services we do have help services I am disabled but they have tightened their guidelines whom they can help? a few questions really is anti-inflammatory safe for me to use on him if not what can I get for him? and other is what services can I go to get some vet help without the these limitation's that are on me but if he was in urgent need of vets I would get him str8 away that is no prob its if it turns in anything bigger than a normal visit that's all I am from the uk sensible would appreciated cheers Dan and milo

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