I have 3 jacks the mamma the pappa and the baby bear

by Jodi Swager
(Hyrum, UT)

This is the second male we have had, the first we had to put down because it bit several adults that we were just semi acquainted to and I was afraid we would be sued if we didn't resolve the issue effectively. The mamma dog was our first experience with JRT's and she was a dream dog. No major barking,jumping,growling etc. She was just a lovable kind sweet dog. They had Taquilla the baby and she was the runt of the litter and has suffered many physical challenges mostly severe infections in her throat, mouth and glands. Our second male is tending to show the same aggressive behaviors that our first had but he has gotten worse. My mother breads Yorkies and she moved in about 4 months ago. We did several trial acclimation efforts before they moved in and none of them were without drama and conflict. I explained to my mother that in some cases JRT just don't like Yorkies no matter how much we try to acclimate them. My mother moved in with her 9 yorkies anyway. Initially Tish only went after my mom's male breeder and after multiple pounces and bites we kept them apart and Tish then started going after additional yorkies. He has also attacked my mom's cat which I also forewarned her that there is a very good chance the dogs will not get along with the cats. Because of all this contention and the danger to the Yorkies I have built them a haven to be safe from my dogs. I built a 8 ft fence and recently a human on my mom's side of the fence neglected to shut the bottom part of the gate with it's cotter pin and somehow either one of her dogs got into our yard or ours snuck in and grabbed her. The three of our jack's supposedly attacked the yorkie badly enough to go the vet and supposedly has at least 18 punctures and tore her hind leg out of socket. My mom believes that Tish jumped the 8 ft fence, jumped hard enough to break lose the cotter pin and drag the 11 pnd yorkie out of the yorkie yard into the big yard or he jumped back over the 8 ft fence with an 11 pound yorkie. With all that said she feels like we should put high powered shock collars on the JRT's and whenever one of the yorkies get near the dogs that we should shock them into submission. I feel this is inhumane and I am desperately looking for an alternative that will positively impact this horrible situation. I don't believe my mom's dogs should be allowed to be hurt by my dogs but I also don't see how causing pain to my dogs at a humans whim can possibly be the answer. PLEASE HELP ME WITH ADVICE AND KNOWLEDGE BEFORE I END HAVING TO CHOOSE MY DOGS AND TEENAGERS OVER MY MOM AND HER ECCENTRIC BEHAVIORS.

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Aug 28, 2010
Aggressive attacks
by: Rebecca

I recently adopted a newly neutered male JRT from a local shelter. When I brought him home, my Sheltie and the JRT did not get along at all. I went to the local pet store and bought a muzzle for each of the male dogs. I began walking both male dogs together, making sure that one of the dogs did not step ahead of the other one, keeping them even while with me on the leash. Once they began showing acceptable behaviour, I took the muzzle off the Sheltie, the less aggressive dog, and walked them together. After a week or so, I took the muzzle off the JRT and walked them. It took a while, but I am able to let them outside together with out a major fall out. Once in a while, they will begin showing signs of aggression, so the muzzles go back on both of them until they show acceptable behaviour, usually within 5 to 10 minutes. They do not like to be muzzled. So they begin associating the bad behaviour with getting the muzzle on.JRT are very stubborn. I would never put a shock collar on a dog, especially a JRT. Their spirits should never be broken. Good luck, 9 Yorkies will be a challenge. Start with the pack leader, hopefully all the dogs look at you and your Mom as the alpha dog, if they don't, you will need to establish that with the pack first and foremost. Otherwise, the dogs will not feel safe with you.

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