I had...

by Tarra
(C, Minnesota. USA)

I had a Jack Russell/Miniature Schnauzer mix. He was the most amazing,funny, loving dog i have ever had.

I used to use the quote, "If you could run any faster you'd fly." But two years ago this October 4th, he passed away by being hit by a car! he was 15 pounds, pure muscle. He was my best friend, as well as my therapy (as I did not have the best past).
But, he got hit at 30mph while running across the road, he had always stayed in the yard (except running after bunnies of course!) but the driver didn't see him. He was still alive when i got to him, as if he wanted to say goodbye to me. Just thinking about my beloved friend, is making me cry.
I had adopted him from a rescue center, he had been found in a box with his litter, mostly black and whites, he was the only brown and white and the only who resembled the schnauzer, right away i had an instant connection to him. He barely ever barked, though he was the most stubborn thing ever! His name was Rascal. Ironic :)
He was very protective over me, and loved to cuddle. He would whine if i had him in his kennel at night. Even after two years, I still love him to death even though he is gone. I now use the quote... "Baby boy, it's time to spread my wings and fly"

I'm hoping to get another of this mix but cannot find any!

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Sep 05, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

Dear Tarra,
What a lovely way to remember your JRT. The picture is so beautiful and speaks to my heart. I also lost a best JRT friend and it is heartbreaking. I now have another JRT named Ginger and she is my pride and joy. I am actually here in Belgium, right now, and am attempting to breed her with another JRT. He has the pricked (stand-up) ears and she does not, but they are both so fun and happy.
If you want to find another mix I would keep searching the rescue missions for JRT's. They are out there. Some of the rescues will even air flight the dog to you if you will pay for the cost. In America it usually runs any where from 100 - 300 dollars, depending on where you are and where the poochie is going. It's worth it. JRT's are the most amazing and magnificent animals I have ever had. That is why I am now breeding my 2 and a half year old GingerBear! I already have great homes for 2 of them and GOD willing I will find great home for them all. The Belgiums love their dogs and keep them till death. The Americans on the other hand have a bit more to learn about the "till death" with their dogs. I'm an American from Texas and I know about these things. When I was there last I did my best to find FOREVER homes for the smaller dogs that were going to be put down. It made me very sad, but I know I helped in a small, but necessary way!
I am also sorry to hear that life was rough for you and pray that things are much better. We are better people for the tough things that we go thru and survive. I too am a survivor and I can tell you that things do get better and better. Don't be afraid to get the help you need and know that it's only "THRU" these things that we go and GOD will help us the rest of the way.
GOD'S best to you and thank you for sharing in such a personal and loving way,
GOD bless you and your search for another JRT!
Stefanya (STEF)

Sep 04, 2010
your JRT
by: Anonymous

ss for your loss

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