I am a jack. I am Miled

by Pearl Virginia
(Toronto, Ontario)

Sam & Miles

Sam & Miles

I will make you laugh when you feel sad

I will give you 'that look' when I have been bad.

I will make you walk when it's hard for you

and I will tell you what to do.

I am a jack.

I am excited & sweet & friendly to meet

But if you get too close I will nip your feet.

I am smart & funny & loyal & brave

I know one day, it's my life you will save.

I am a jack

I welcomed a rescue, (a jack) named Sam

who opened my world & expanded my clan.

My time to leave has come my friend

Head on your chest as I reach the end

I am a jack.

Don't cry, I am not sad

I am thankful for the life I had.

We camped & surfed & travelled the earth

and I have been blessed since you chose me at birth

I am a jack

The memories I have left you will take you far.

You learned patience & joy and we looked at the stars

Live your life like me, be excited, be brave

and forever remember how much love you gave.

I am a jack

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