How to Get a Dog Urine Sample

by Nina
(Mesa, AZ)

My dog whimpers quietly. The Veterinarian wants a urine sample which is impossible to get!!! He is not going to pee in a cup for me and if I try he stops urinating until I go away.

How do I get a sample as opposed to having to pay an arm and a leg to the vet to do it?

Vet Suggestions for Taking a Dog Urine Sample

Hello Nina,

Getting a urine sample from a male dog is usually not that difficult. Try carrying a relatively flat dish with low sides around with you (disposable pie plates work well). Your goal is to get your dog used to the sight of it before you attempt to slide it under him while you are walking him on a leash. It might take him awhile for him not to get nervous when you bring it towards him, but with a little persistence most dogs eventually realize that it doesn't pose a threat. Another option is to fashion a small cup on the end of a stick (duct tape works well). You can stand a little farther back when using something like this, which some dogs find less intimidating.

If these ideas don’t work, your vet will have to get the sample for you. This can be done either with a urinary catheter or via needle and syringe (the procedure sounds worse than it really is). Keep in mind that treatment is almost always more effective and less expensive when it is started early, so the money you spend getting a urine sample now may very well keep your expenses down in the long run and prevent your dog from suffering.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

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