How to Cure Dog Separation Anxiety

by Liz

Reader Question: How to Stop Dog Separation Anxiety

My neighbor has recently informed me that my jack Russell terrier cries all day while I'm at work and has been going to the bathroom in the house. Is this a sign of separation anxiety and what should I do?

Suggestion from our Veterinarian

Hi Liz,

The symptoms you describe could certainly be associated with separation anxiety, but first I recommend you have your dog examined by a veterinarian to rule out other potential problems (pain, urinary tract infection, cognitive dysfunction, etc.). After the exam, if your veterinarian agrees that separation anxiety is the most likely diagnosis, he or she is then in the best position to make recommendations about how best to address it.

The mainstay of separation anxiety treatment is a behavioral modification plan that rewards dogs for remaining calm despite signals that their owners are about to leave. Some dogs also benefit from receiving prescription anti-anxiety medications. Over the counter nutritional supplements (e.g., Anxitane) and dog appeasing pheromone also help some dogs deal with stress.

Best of luck,

Jennifer Coates, DVM

For Information on Addressing Separation Anxiety in Dogs with Behavioral Modification

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