How Do Jack Russell Puppies Get Their Tails Cut

by Ann
(Cleveland, OH)

Sophie and Sarge

Sophie and Sarge

I have these two great Jack Russell Terriers and would like to have a litter, but I have reservations about cutting their tails. How do puppies get their tails cut and why?

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Jun 25, 2009
Dock tails
by: Anonymous

I is up to you but there is no need to dock the tails the only reason people do this is for showing the dog.The reason people also dock tails is so when JRT's were used for fox or rabbit hunting there short tails were used to pull them out of the rabbit holes.

Jun 10, 2008
Sophie and Sarge


First may I ask the ultimate question...Why are you thinking about breeding these two?
and...they both have prick ears, not a problem for pets, but it doesn't conform to the approved standard for the breed. So you are going to possibly breed more prick ears. Do you have the money to cover the costs of breeding. It's expensive if done correctly. Here are a few things you need to pay for.

Brucellosis testing for both. They do not show signs of this but if one or both of them have it and you breed them, the bitch could abort the pups prior to whelping. If the male has it, he is probably going to be sterile and could cause the female to become sterile. Never breed without this test by your vet.

BAER and CERF testing your breeding pair. These tests have to be done by a specialized vet to find if your breeding stock has any eye or hearing problems that will be passed to the litter. Eye problems are very, very serious and can cause extremely painful outcomes.

Money for extra food, money for xrays of the female to count the pups and to be sure the female can whelp them.

Money for c-section if needed

Money for tails and dews. This can be done in various manners. It must be done between day 3-5, day 3 being the best. It can be expensive depending on the method your vet uses and his costs.

Money for vaccinations and health exams for the puppies.

Do you have deposits from people asking you for a puppy. Without a deposit you can almost guarantee that when the puppies are ready for new homes, all these people have changed their minds and now you have a litter of puppies with no prospects of good homes. Can you afford to keep them all until you find appropriate homes.

Money for any medical expenses associated with puppies that may be failing or a problem detected.

Please please, please rethink breeding these two wonderful dogs. Enjoy them, love them and if people want a puppy, tell them to go to a well established, experienced, Registered (JRTCA) Breeder that will guarantee a healthy puppy and stick by them thru the dogs life.

Breeding is not for the faint of heart. It is stressful, expensive and can be heartbreaking.


Dec 03, 2007
Puppy dog tails
by: Pics & Tics

Hi Ann,

Those are adorable Jacks! Not everyone cuts tails. I didn't cut Annie's, but now I wish I had simply because it looks more like a Jack when you do. That's the classic look and they just seem to look more Jack Russell if you do. But you don't have to.

If you do, however, it must be done when they are pups (your vet can tell you at what age). It is also inexpensive and they heal very quickly.

But it's up to you. They will still be Jack Russells...docked tails or no.


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