How do I stop my 2 male Jacks fighting?

by Lynne Sargent
(Ontario, Canada)

Hi folks, hoping someone might have some tips for me here :). I apologize if this post is a little long.

We have two male JRTs in our home, one 4 yrs old (Jack), the other 18 months old (Milo). Two completely different personalities!! Jack was acquired at 4 months of age, trained & socialized with no problems. Milo came to us at a year, with virtually no discipline or training beforehand:(. To say the least, the past 6 months have been interesting!!

Our main problem is that the boys FIGHT -- at least once each day, and getting gradually more serious! I'm afraid that one of them is going to get hurt badly if this continues! The only thing I've found that breaks them up is a glass of water in the face....but they often go right back at it unless we can grab the 2 protagonists & separate them into different rooms!

Any advice you can offer will be gratefully received -- I really don't want to re home Milo, but I will as a last resort:(.

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May 05, 2011
Problem solved
by: Lynne Sargent

Thanks, all, for your advice:). Thought you might like to know that we ended up having to rehome Milo to a family we know with 2 loving children, and he's very happy there:).

The fighting did get worse, despite all our efforts, to the point that Milo hooked a fang into Jack's eye:(. Thankfully, the damage was relatively minor (no loss of sight), and Jack survived with no more than a couple of small scars.....but that was the last straw & Milo had to leave!

It was a hard lesson to learn, but one we won't forget! Thanks again for your help:).

May 04, 2011
Don't give up!
by: Elizabeth

In any Jack Russell Terrier book you read, it will tell you that whenever you have 2 male JRT's together there could be a problem. Due to specialized breeding, JRT's don't give up easily. It's like tunnel vision. Once they have their mind set there is no turning back.
I have a 9 month old female JRT. I don't have problems with her being around other dogs. However, my vet had two JRT's and said she could never leave the house with them in the same room or kennel. It's any dogs nature to establish dominance and it sounds like that is what is going on with Milo and Jack.
My suggestions:
1.Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! JRT's will get their energy out - it's up to their owner to determine how they do this. If the JRT does not get adequate exercise, behavioral problems could occur.
2. Don't ever leave the two of them together unattended.
3. Praise them for good behaviors. Have you tried getting a clicker? They have them at Petsmart or a local pet supply location ($5)
4. Try taking Milo to a socialization class.
5. Or, you could let them fight(under supervision). Make sure there is no bloodshed. If so, split them. But in the wild that is how animals work out their differences. Somehow, someway, one of them will be the Alpha. ;)

Good Luck and don't give up! JRT's are such a rewarding breed!!! :)

Feb 23, 2011
by: ScooterMama

I will be straight up and honest with you concerning this situation.
The past is the past, but you should have only gotten another JRT that was a FEMALE with your male.
The same sex JRT/mix just doesn't work unless you got them together as puppies or you have a very special situation.
You will need to re-home Milo because the truth is they are both trying to be the head (alpha) males of the house.
You can't have 2 alpha males, so this situation will get progressively worst and one of the dogs will get hurt or injured in some way.

Milo should be re-homed to a family without any other animals. No cats, dogs, birds --- absolutely NOTHING! A couple of kids would be great too, but I would make sure that they are over 8 years old. Milo will not stand for a child to be stepping or pulling his tail.

The best to you and your poochies. I am sorry that you will have to give(sale) Milo, but it's best in the longrun.


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