How do i get my jack russell to stop peeing in my house?

by Jessica
(Mifflinburg, PA)

I let him out to go to the bathroom but he still comes in the house and pees and poops. He pees on my boyfriends stereo speakers and on the corner of his couch. I don't know what to do PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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Nov 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

We have our Jack trained but all of a sudden he goes outside and comes back in and does his "business" on the floor. So how can I stop this? When we wake up in the morning he poops on the floor. Do we scold him even though we don't know how long it's been since he went?

Aug 15, 2010
How to.....
by: Max

When I got my Jack Russell, he used to pee and poop around the entire house. What you do is try and stop him/her in the middle of his business with a stern no. Then you MAKE him look at what he did and scold him. People say you shouldn't scold the dog but not saying anything is even worse. If that doesn't work, you spray spots in your house with a mix of water and vinegar. Dogs hate the citrus-y smell. The dog will eventually start walking towards the door indicating that he/she has to go. You give the dog a treat IF he doesn't go before you take him out to do his/her thing. They will eventually get used to doing this without being told to do so or being rewarded. Thus, you have a potty trained Jack Russell even though this would probably work on other dogs to.
P.S. If you leave the dog waiting to long, he will whizz and crap so don't scold him if it's your fault. Then you'll make him feel bad. And he might still go inside if you have a visitor that does not live in your home.

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