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How can i stop my jack russell from biting!

by katie
(port charlotte, fl)



My jack Russell, Sophie, is just over 2 years old. She is the most sweetest and affectionate dog i have ever met, and i instantly fell in love with her. House training with her was a slow process, and the crate training was the only thing that worked. The main problem we have with her is strangers. Our family whom she has seen countless times she is perfectly fine with and loves to lick them to death lol. But the first time she meets a new person in our household she immediately releases her anal gland, which is disgusting. Then she is very cautious of the new person. Im not sure if this is a territorial problem which i have read about online to do with this breed. She recently bit my friend in the face after him being in our house for only 30 minutes. She punctured his nose, and had a big chunk of skin missing at the top of his nose. I was gobsmacked that my little 15lb jack russell could be so mean. I do not know if i can trust her any longer around strangers. I do not want my house to become a prison where i can never have any new people around. I frequently have my 2,5, and 7 year old nieces and nephew at my house, and am now scared she will snap at them. I cannot even take her to petco without being worried that she will snap. I think that she is just so attached to my husband and i, that she feels threatened by another persons presence. I am at my wits end over what to do with her. She is my baby and it would break my heart to give her up. Which would be a last resort. I need any and all help i can get on this situation PLEASE HELP ME! :(

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Jul 02, 2009
biting jack
by: Anonymous

Put a few coins in a can shake it at her,but she'll have to be watched so you know when to do it.This can work for a number of things.

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