Hiskia from South Africa

by Donnagene
(South Africa)

Hiskia on Holiday

Hiskia on Holiday

I never wanted a dog - I didn't understand how people can be so crazy about them!

Hiskia was given to me before my b day on the 12th Dec 2008 - he is the cutest thing with a personality that just fills the house with laughter.
He was 8 weeks old when he chewed my cellphone into little pieces. When I walked into the house he was sitting there so proud of himself & for a moment I thought I was going to explode but then my heart was filled with love & softness - I just laughed because he was just a baby but I loved Him SO MUCH!
And that's where everything started - my leather couch didn't last too long either... :)
He was 12 weeks old when he was lost for 3 days after thinking he was a Superdog running into the road & Someone picked him up & after walking for miles the 3rd day I found a old man that looked after him & I got my little angel back!
He is such a pleasure!
He is so intelligent. Started teaching him to sit at a young age. He knows my voice - he sleeps next to me like a child. Loves me - kisses me hello everyday!
He is so Special to me!
Today - I cannot imagine my life without him!!

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