His name was Bump

by Madeleine
(Los Angeles, CA )

At xmas in the trimmings

At xmas in the trimmings

Tonight it matters not just how it happened....but my little boy Bump got out of the yard and a car hit and killed him. I ran and scooped him up and drove around trying to find an open vet to treat him, to save him, to bring him back. He may have been gone, the whole time. But I did not want to give up hope. The vet said he was gone. I rescued him from the pound, truly a gorgeous dog. Loyal, controlling, territorial, loving, affectionate, funny, true to his breed all the way.

He was quite small 9 lbs. He was 2. He was not a barker, a runner, a digger or a destroyer. He was well mannered, smart and did not try to run away or get out. That is why when he got out of the yard this evening it was not like him. I found him on the run, he had to be running away. He was the type who knew it was wrong to go. I am devastated. I have a good life, great kids,but I am single,kids grown and this dog was my little buddy. He was the last one i saw at night and the first one I woke to in the am. He was the Bump under the covers. Tonight I lost so much. I hope his memories and how funny he was help me in easing the pain. thanks for listening.

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Aug 21, 2009
So Sorry!
by: Maggie

I am terribly sorry to hear your very sad news!! Bump certainly sounds like he was one special little Jack. Truly hope you find another, not to ever replace him, but to give love to.

Aug 20, 2009
I am so sorry about your lost!!!
by: Anonymous

We are grieving with you!! He looks just like my JRT.

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